We regret to inform our friends and followers that the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that Betcha.com violated numerous provisions of Washington's gambling law. To cut to it, the Court ruled that Betcha engaged in bookmaking and that, accordingly, we engaged in professional gambling. This, even though (1) no one was actually gambling (the Court said that didn't matter), and (2) betting exchanges like Betcha are considered the chief competitive threat to bookmakers.

For those of you interested I've broken down the Court's opinion on my family blog. In my view the Court's opinion suspended basic rules of grammar, not to mention a bit of common sense. But the Court's word is final, and we are bound by its decision.

Five years of our lives, considerable investor capital, multiple trips to jail as fugitives from a state we'd never been in. Now, according to the state supreme court, Betcha was a professional gambling operation -- even though no one was actually gambling.

To our friends, investors and followers - I thank you for your support. It means more to me than I can put to words. We gave it our best shot, but there really isn't much more we could have done.

Nicholas Jenkins